About Us / References

The NBLI - Núcleo de Bioinformática do Laboratório de Imunogenética - is a research team focused on immunological mechanisms triggered by viral infections, specially in the identification of possible patterns that can be used as viral targets.

The NBLI started in 2006 with only three students: one graduate and two undergraduate. Now, the team has two postdoctoral researchers, four graduate students and one undergraduate student. We have also the colaboration of several researchers from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

Professor (docent)

José Artur Bogo Chies

Academic Background
Ph.D in Science / Université Pierre et Marie Curie (1996)
Biological Science, BSc / UFRGS (1988)

Contact: jabchies@terra.com.br

Associate professors

Gustavo Fioravanti Vieira
(Main investigator)

Academic Background
Ph.D in Science / UFRGS (2008)
Biological Science, BSc / UFRGS (2002)

Contact: gusfioravanti@yahoo.com.br

Marialva Sinigaglia

Academic Background
Ph.D in Science / UFRGS (2004)
Biological Science, BSc / UFRGS (1992)

Contact: msinigaglia@gmail.com

Graduate students

Dinler Amaral Antunes

Academic Background
Biomedicine, BSc / UFRGS (2008)

Contact: dinler@gmail.com

Mauricio Menegatti Rigo

Academic Background
Biomedicine, BSc / UFRGS (2008)

Contact: mauriciomr1985@gmail.com

Samuel Paulo Cibulski

Academic Background
Biomedicine, BSc / UFCSPA (2009)

Contact: spcibulski@hotmail.com

Francis Maria Báo Zambra

Academic Background
Biological Science, BSc / UFSM (2009)

Contact: fbzambra@gmail.com

Undergraduate students

Jader Peres da Silva

Academic Background
Undergraduate degree in Biological Science /
UFRGS (2010)

Contact: jader0001@hotmail.com

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